Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace can be that final touch that makes an RV feel like a home on the road! We distribute a variety of electric models from Twin Star International, including both traditional logset and contemporary designs. These recessed fireplaces are safely and easily installed to add heat and ambience without taking up valuable living space.



  • Twin Star Fireplace Comparisons

    Twin Star Fireplace Comparisons

    Click to view the Twin Star fireplace comparisons chart.

  • 3D Flame Effect

    All 3D Flame Effect Inserts Include 3 Standard Features:

    3D Flame Effect

    5 Flame Colors

    5 Flame Speeds

    5 Flame Brightness Levels

  • Heating

    Infrared Quartz Technology:

    Harness the energy and money saving power of zone heating. Infrared quartz technology provides supplemental heat for rooms up to 1,000 square feet.

    Upgraded Remote Control:

    Back lit (batteries included)

    LED Display Controls:

    Adjustable thermostat (62° F - 82° F) and 9 hour auto shut off timer.

    Better for You:

    Infrared quartz offers healthier heat that does not take the humidity or oxygen out of the air. It produces a more enjoyable and comfortable heat, ideal for those suffering from allergies.

  • Safety

    Fire Prevention Technology Included on All Inserts:

    Safer Sensor

    Safer Sensor™ (Patent Pending)

    Continuously monitors the proximity of objects around the heater and automatically shuts the heater off if an object blocks the sensor. The result is a safer product for your home, children and pets.

    Safer Plug

    Safer Plug™ (Patent Pending)

    Continuously monitors the temperature of the plug during use and automatically shuts off the fireplace if unsafe conditions arise. Once temperatures have cooled, Safer Plug™ allows you to resume normal product usage.