Lake Area Designs

Located in Lagrange, Indiana, Lake Area Designs specializes in custom woodworking and design. Kabri Products partners with Lake Area to create refined hardwood interior pieces, including custom trim kits, flat goods, custom moldings, tables and more. Dedicated to customer service and quality products, Lake Area uses state-of-the-art technologies to create the precise and flawless look that customers expect. For more images of Lake Area’s work, visit our Wood Designs product page.


Lake Area Designs operates from a state of the art facility utilizing technologies such as CNC routing, automated moulding machinery and professional finishing lines. We constantly look at ways to improve our operation, never satisfied with the status quo.

Lake Area Designs CNC Machine
Lake Area Designs Moulding Machine
Lake Area Designs Woodworking Factory
Lake Area Designs Factory
Lake Area Designs Solid Hardwood Stacks